This system has been designed for small to medium business who are sick and tired of constantly chasing for more leads and sales the hard way… and tired of paying for marketing that just don’t work.

This system is specifically designed to run for 3 full months and we will set up an automated lead generation funnel for your business. After 3 months, we hand the KEYS back to YOU to give you FULL CONTROL of your own marketing, so you can turn the leads ON or OFF whenever you feel like it!

We Have Helped Many Business Achieve Success! Will You Be The Next Success Story?

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it took me 10 years to figure this out

Name: John Mu
Where: Gold Coast, Australia

Hi my name is John Mu,

I’m happily married with 5 kids (crazy right) and I live the entreprenuers dream… working from home and travelling the world with my family.

My marketing agency has been successfully operating for the last 10 years with clients across the globe.

Over the years we’ve observed a common enemy that have killed off many

And that is…

The business owners inability to generate consistant leads for the company.

We have found that the majority of business owners rely heavily on ‘word of mouth’ and when referrals dry up, they become reactive and desprate searching for more leads and sales.

If this resonates with you, understand that you are not alone.

When business slows down, many business owners turn to webinars and seminars in the HOPE that the ‘Guru on stage’ has the magic pill what will that save their business.

But the majority of these ‘so called Guru’s’ are no more like SLICK SALESMAN who know HOW TO SELL YOU THE SIZZLE, and you sign up to a 12 month program with large monthly fees, just to gets you limited or no results.

If this is you and you’ve been there, you would know exactly what I’m talking about.

The system I‘m your about to offer you is a totally proven DONE FOR YOU ‘TURN KEY’ LEAD GENERATION SYSTEM.

This system is designed to HELP small to medium sized businesses.

I started my online business on a show string budget and it was ‘not easy’.

In fact, I did not pull out an income for two years whilst my wife (superwoman) had to support me financially.

Fast forward 10 years, today we live a life most people can only dream of.

I’m offering you a FAST TRACKED opportunity that has taken me 10 years to master!

It will take my team 3 full months to tailor the system to your business.

After 3 months we will hand over the KEYS and give you ‘Video Training’ so you know how to manage the advertising campaign yourself!

This system has helped businesses from all industies generate tones of online leads, and it can help you too!

My first office (10 years ago) From humble beginnings

To become an International Speaker

No#1 Best Selling Author ‘Internet Riches

A proven system That has given me
more money, more time & more freedom

Having a proven lead generation system for your business can be life changing…
Below are some happy family holiday images I’d like to share with you.
I’m sharing these personal moments ‘not to brag’, but to show you what a proven lead generation system can do for you.
Take control of your marketing and live your life on your terms!

Holiday in Coral Coast, Fiji

Holiday in California, United States

Holiday in Queenstown, New Zealand

Holiday in Bali, Indonesia

Holiday in Coffs Harbour, Australia

Holiday in Port Villa, Vanuatu

our done for you turn key system is desiged for…


Business owners who have NO IDEA how to generate consistant leads


Business owners who have invested 100’s of hours watching webinars with little to show for it


Business owners who have attended seminars and bought a bunch of expensive programs with minimal results


Business owners who have paid business & marketing coaches only to discover they are not as good as they make out to be


Business owners who are just totally frustrated and just want leads to start flowing in


Business owners who are constantly chasing their tail, cold calling or just finding it hard to generate fresh leads & sales

If you checked ANY of these boxes above, then I invite you to
‘Challenge Me’ to give you a ‘turn Key’ lead generation system.

Solid undenyable proof.

Nothing beats solid proof from happy clients.
Here is a before and after video from a very happy client.

Steve has been a client of mine for some time now. When he first asked for help, his business was struggling to get constant leads.
In fact, he said he had to make ‘cold calls’ to stay afloat. At that time, the business only employed Steve and a part time assistant.
Fast forward 6 months later, Steve now has 6 full time employees, his sales is through the roof, and now manages his own marketing.

Steve too enojoy regular holidays now with his family 🙂

Here is a video just after a few weeks of turning on our lead generation system

Here is an email I received from Steve
6 months of our services

click to enlarge image

He gave me another video testimonial just recently

Patio Company Case Study

118 fresh leads in 24 hours!

Air Condition Company Case Study

From 20 leads a month to 81 leads in 4 days!

Builder Case Study…

From 12 leads a month to 105 leads in 4 days!

Watch this short video and listen to what Terry had to say.

A System for all industires
here’s how it works

Fill in the application form – All businesses will be considered.

We will review your application – Due to the number of business wishing to be working with us, this process can take up to 5 business days until we reach out to you.

If you have been accepted – we will send you an email to organise a time for a meeting.

If your application is declined – it’s usually because we don’t feel confident we can help you at this stage. We don’t want to accept your money if we don’t feel confident.

Proposal – after the first initial meeting and you want to move forward with our help, we will send you a proposal. The reason why our turn key lead generation system works so well is because it’s tailored to your business for maximum results.