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As you can see below, our turn key lead generation system is well thought out and has quite a few moving parts.
The values next to the service is genuine prices and not inflated. Our values below also include copy written by professional copy writers. This is a ‘Done-For -You’ system so everything is taken care of and we just hand over the marketing keys to you
once the system is built out within 3 months.

#1 Landing page & copy

Valued $2,299

This landing page will be designed to
give you the leads you want and help you grow your database of prospects.

#2 Thank you page & copy

Valued $650

Once the prospect has provided their details via the ‘optin box’, they will be taken to this page and conversion recorded.

#3 Terms & conditions & copy

Valued $650

We will need this page to stipulate the terms and conditions of any promotions we help you run.

#4 Promotion

Valued $1,999

We will help you come up with a WOW FACTOR promotion to offer your prospects.

#5 Email funnel & copy

Valued $350

We will provide pre-written emails liked back to your CRM via the optin box on the landing page.

#6 Hosting for 3 months

Valued $150

If you do not have any hosting, we will provide this for the duration of 3 months. After 3 months, you can request to continue with our hosting for a fee or provide your own hosting.

#7 Secure SSL Certificate

Valued $150

The website will be secured with a SSL Certificate (if hosted my IMD).

#8 Facebook ads management

Valued $3,596

We will set up, manage and run FB ads for the duration of 3 months. Excluding any click budget. We will recommend the click budget.

#9 Fortnightly reports

Valued $600

You will receive fortnightly reports on the progress of the campaign.

Total value: $10,444+GST

3 months work

This is your exclusive price


UP FRONT $5,999+gst

Guaranteed leads
or your money back

We guarantee you the leads.
It’s up to you to close the sales.


$2,999+gst per month
for 3 MONTHS

Guaranteed leads
or your money back

We guarantee you the leads.
It’s up to you to close the sales.