“From Ordinary To Extraordinary”

Content Marketing

Here is a short message from our Partners… Google!

This video will help you understand the importance of content and its positive correlation with search engine rankings.

What is Content?

Content comes in the form of written material, educational videos, audio and video.

Universal Truth

Do you believe in the saying “Give and you shall receive?”, this universal principle apply to search engine optimisation. Search engines like Google love websites that generate fresh useful content and give you higher rankings and more traffic. The more traffic you get, the more followers you will receive and the more people will buy from you.

What Do Ants And Google Have In Common?

Have you ever noticed ants pickup food and take it back to the nest? Well search engines work the same way. Every time you generate fresh content (drop food on the ground) the search engine crawlers will visit your website and index the new content (pick up). When they index the new content it is stored in large servers all over the world (the ants nest).

Building a relationship with search engines and visitors is critical to your online success. Let’s use the ant example to demonstrate the meaning of this. The more food you drop, the more crawlers will visit you and the more they will love you. When you build the relationship and make search engines aware that you will always feed the system with quality content they will give you the online authority you deserve.

By creating quality content you also build a strong following in your niche and increase visitor site retention. All potential customers research for information before they make a purchase. By providing quality information, you are educating and building a relationship with your potential and existing customers. Companies that focus on educating the market command higher respect and perceived as the leaders in the industry.