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By John Mu

Were Your Search Engine Rankings Affected With Googles New Search Engine Display Update in February 2016?

Were Your Search Engine Rankings Affected With Googles New Search Engine Display Update in February 2016?

At Internet Marketing Direct, we were informed by our research & development SEO team that Google was going to update the way it displayed its search results.
Now it’s official…over the last weekend of February 2016, Google finally released and rolled out their new display results globally.

Obviously, Google is attempting to improve the overall user experience. However, is this an improvement or not… only time can tell!

If your search engine optimization was done and maintained correctly, your search engine rankings should not have been affected.

In saying this, I did a quick search this morning on “Internet Marketing Brisbane” and you can see IMD results remained strong for this keyword phrase.
I have not checked our other targeted search engine keywords, but I am confident to say ‘we are safe’.


Simply because we KNOW what works and what doesn’t.

If your search engine rankings DROPPED due to this latest Google update, this is a sign of BAD SEO and must be immediately investigated.

Contact IMD on 07 3102 4433 if you would like to discuss how we can help you recover your search engine ranking positions (SERPS).

By John Mu

PayPal Working Capital-Transforming Small Business Financing

PayPal Working Capital-Transforming Small Business Financing

What is PayPal Working Capital?

PayPal working capital is an invite-only Small Business Loan Programme targeted at businesses whose sales transactions are processed via PayPal. As opposed to conventional working capital loans, PayPal loans don’t accrue interest but rather a fixed fee amount which you choose as part of the loan terms during the application process. Based on your sales history, PayPal may extend an invite to you so that you apply for the working capital funding thus boosting your chances of approval.

How does PayPal Working Capital Work?

The small business funding programme from PayPal is offered exclusively to select customers based on their sales history. Once invited, you are then supposed to fill and submit an online based application which includes a confirmation of your information so that PayPal can determine your loan eligibility and selection of your preferred loan amount and terms of payment. Upon approval the loan will be deposited into your PayPal account within minutes.

The amount you qualify for depends on how consistent and substantial your sales have been for the past 12 months of trading. Normally the maximum amount PayPal can loan you is 8% of the sales you made within this period. However, the maximum amount you qualify for can be lower especially if you are a new business or your sales are seasonal and inconsistent.

The working capital loan is recovered from the PayPal sales you make in the course of the loan duration. During the loan application process, PayPal the opportunity to choose the percentage of your sales that should go towards the repayment of your loan. The percentage you choose will determine the fixed fee you will pay on top of the borrowed amount and most certainly the repayment period. The higher the portion of sales you dedicate to loan repayment, the lower the fees you are charged and the faster you repay your loan. That being said, there is a minimum amount (10% of your total loan) you must pay every 90 days even if your sales have been seasonal and volatile.

The convenience of this loan lies in the fact that it is pegged on your PayPal sales which means for the days you don’t make any sales, you do not pay anything. The fee that is charged is first and final; no other charges are levied making this a simple and transparent funding process. Because PayPal already knows your business, there is no personal guarantee required and chances of loan approval are pretty high. The loan doesn’t affect your personal and business credit scores because no credit check is required prior to being advanced the loan.

The only policies you are supposed to live by are that your sales should be processed through PayPal at least until the loan and the fee are paid off in full; you should not avoid or miss payments because this will make PayPal to deduct catch-up payments which can make the repayment process irregular.

What can I purchase with PayPal Working Capital?

With over 220 million active users PayPal is increasingly becoming the preferred mode of making payments online for goods and services. This means with PayPal working capital, you can pay virtually for anything including web design and development services, Google Adwords management services, search engine optimization services, social media services as well as physical merchandise such as clothes, electronics, books, spare parts, machinery and so much more as long as the vendor you are buying from accepts PayPal payments.

How can I find out more about PayPal Working Capital?

PayPal have dedicated an entire section of their website to explain more about this product, how it works, case studies, including an illustration of their pricing and repayment schedule. In case you have any queries, there is a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section you can refer to or better still contact them through their direct line 1-877-981-2163. Their working hours are Monday – Friday, 9am – 8pm Eastern Time. Here is the link to the page

Remember, you can use PayPal to pay for any of our IMD services including our Web Design & Website Development. The only thing you will be required to do is to contact one of our offices and request a PayPal invoice. We offer the best and the most interactive websites that can drastically enhance your web conversion rates. Just click the link below and get in in touch with the office nearest to you.

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By John Mu

SEO Gold Coast company shocks franchise client

SEO Gold Coast company shocks franchise client with 300% traffic increase in less than 2 weeks!


Business was thriving for the Rent2OwnCars Franchise when Paul and Tim (franchisors) decided to have their new website rebuilt with the hope of expanding the company.

Like all businesses, not everything goes to plan…

In fact, once their new website was launched their traffic took a nose dive by over 80%.

Trust me, their 30 franchisees were not too impressed.

Luckily, Paul and Tim were fast to react and contracted IMD to recover their lost search engine rankings (SERPS) and organic traffic.

Well, we are happy to say that within 2 weeks into the SEO campaign, we were able to not only recover the 80% decline in traffic, but increase the clients traffic by over 300%!


If you would like more free organic traffic to your website, simply call our SEO Gold Coast office on (07) 3102 4433.

Alternatively, follow the link to find out more about our SEO packages.

By John Mu

Why Do Some Websites With Minimal SEO Rank Better Than Some With Heaps Of SEO?

You may have checked some of your competitions and asked yourself the same question. Why are there websites, despite of minimal SEO, ranks better than those who do optimisations regularly? Why are they ranking even if they have lesser backlinks? Isn’t SEO the only option to raise your rankings? Is there something fishy going on?

This may seem a mystery to you but the reality is this, SEO is a great method but you don’t have to devote your entire time on it. There are other factors that can affect your site’s ranking and that are what you should know. Remember that search engine optimisation is a huge field. You shouldn’t focus on one area alone. There are other terminologies that need your attention as well. And we have listed some of them. Hopefully, you’ll apply these to your backyard as well.

CTR or Click-Through Rate and Bounce Rates

Aside from the other factors of your website, Google also takes a look at a click-through rate. It presents itself in percentage which measures the amount of clicks that your website or page has received from the total number of people who have made a search for a particular keyword you are trying to rank. The higher your percentage, the more potential you have against your competitions. Higher click-through rates, once noticed by Google will earn you rewards and one of those would be a slow increase in your rankings. This particular algorithm by Google signifies that your page is more preferred.

Another factor that Google looks is your Bounce Rate. Click-through rate isn’t enough because you can easily create false title and meta-tags and descriptions. Bounce rate is a measure which determines that people who are leaving your website by clicking the back button on their browsers and return back to the search engine results page. Like CTR, it’s also being measured in percentage.

For example, if around a hundred people are being led by Google to your webpage and all these hundred people immediately hits back button upon landing on your site; then it tells Google your page isn’t relevant.  So, a well ranking website usually has a high click through rate and low bounce rate. This balance is significant in maintaining your ranks in SERP.

The Age

Age is a huge factor that can affect your rankings in Google’s SERP. In general, most sites that rank well are a few years old. Now, don’t ever think that all old websites have relevant contents and quality links. Even if your website is new, as long as you have the right, accurate and relevant contents as well as a good amount of high quality links, you can surpass some of these old websites. Also, since age requires time, you have to be patient as well.


Don’t fall into an impression that you need tons of backlinks to improve your rankings. Google doesn’t look at the number of your backlinks alone but the relevance of these backlinks as well as the authority. A lot of good ranking websites only have a few backlinks but they are of high quality and are pointing to the right page.  A few links but are coming and .edu sites can give you much potential. Look at your stream of backlinks; do they contain the right ones? If not, you may have to make some adjustments.


You can have the not-so-best on page SEO and thousands of high quality backlinks but you can rank well on SERP’s. How? It’s if you know how to cross-link your pages. Adding in-content, connecting your webpages from one to another, you have the edge. Make sure to have the balance of linking your content pages since not all your pages will rank well.

Quality of contents

This should be common-sense to you. Google has been keen on looking for quality contents of every website it crawls and scraps those that are not. Since the Panda update, Google has been able to determine if a website has a duplicate content or too little content or has a poor quality of content. Google doesn’t only look at the content itself but it compares this particular content to another website on the same field. So, if your website has more quality contents than your competitions, chances are you will outrank them.

Growth Rate

You might believe that in order to rank well on a certain keyword, you create tons of backlinks to it or create super high quality contents on these keywords. It’s a good belief but Google isn’t dumb not to notice this growth rate. That’s the reason why older sites tend to rank well. They grow naturally and not fast. The secret: don’t build your links fast.

In conclusion, these factors (and a lot more) are the reasons why there are websites that rank well without too much SEO. Learn from these pointers above and see where you can make improvements.  If you don’t have the time nor the expertise in SEO and want it ‘Done For You’ simply contact our office today on 07 3102 4433 for a free 30 minute consultation with one of our experienced consultants.

By John Mu

Web Design & SEO Brisbane Company Outranks Them All

Yes! Internet Marketing Direct – Web Design & SEO Brisbane company has finally outranked all the online marketing companies in Australia for the highly competitive keyword phrase “Internet Marketing”.

As you can see in the image below, this keyword phrase has 340,000,000 competing web pages and we are ranked #2 just below Wikipedia.

This keyword phrase currently receives #720 exact local monthly searches per month in Australia and Google Adwords charges on average $21.71 per click.

Obviously, competing for this keyword means going against MANY marketing companies that offer online marketing services such as web design, search engine marketing (SEO, Google Adwords), social media marketing, video marketing, reputation management, email marketing and much more.

If your Search Engine Optimisation company is not delivering the results you are looking for, contact IMD today on 07 3102 4433.

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Were Your Search Engine Rankings Affected With Googles New Search Engine Display Update in February 2016?