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Poison Link Removal

Good search engine optimisation (SEO) can give your website high search engine rankings which lead to high traffic, leads and sales. However, bad SEO will hold your website back from high search engine rankings.

In the past, Google came out and said they do not penalise company with bad SEO because these links could be easily generated from your competitors trying to keep you from ranking up high in the search engines.

However, search engines have come to the conclusion that most businesses will not be silly enough to spend their time and money in trying to bring down their competitors rankings. When you think about it, it makes sense for business to invest in improving their rankings than invest in destroying the rankings of thousands/millions of competitors websites found online.

Search engines like Google have also made it possible for businesses that find bad links to get the disavow via Google Webmaster Tools.

This means you are telling Google that these links should not be linking to your website and you want it disavowed.

When was the last time you checked?

The problem we see all the time is clients quoting around for the best SEO prices. The fact is, the reason why there are so many cheap SEO Brisbane companies is because most of them do minimal manual work and rely on automated link building tools. Search engines like Google frown at this practice and you should avoid it at all costs. Google is not stupid and can trace the links back to the source. And now since Google introduced the disavow tool people are actually telling Google where most of the Spammy links are coming from.

Do Poison Links affect my search engine ranking today?

If your website is not ranking there may be a host of reasons. In saying this I highly recommend you get a comprehensive website audit conducted asap, followed by a poison link search report.

Should I get a check up regularly?

You should get a check up every 12 months. To stay healthy you see your doctor, no different from your online business.

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