“From Ordinary To Extraordinary”

Reputation Management
“It takes 20 years to build a reputation and 5 years to ruin it. If you think about that,
you’ll do things differently” – Warren Buffet
Do you realise that all the traffic in the world to your website means nothing if your reputation has been tarnished. This could be from a range of bad reviews about your products or services, customer service, the way you treat your staff, your involvement in the community and much more.

Today, consumers are very online savvy and many go online to research before they make a purchase.

In their evaluation, they come across forums or review sites. If they find negative reviews about your business, do you think they will contact you, let alone buy from you?

All that efforts to drive traffic to your website will be a waste of time.
If there are negative reviews online, you must have a system in place to neutralize the problem immediately. That’s where the online reputation management services comes in.

Case Study:

“Our company Millionaire Property Makers recently ran into a major problem, we were subject to unfounded bad publicity on the internet. We had one client who had it in for us and he was causing problems for our business by posting negative statements on Property Forums, this caused our sales to drop by 50% for a good part of 2013. We engaged Internet Marketing Direct to create a strategy to protect our brand, well I am delighted to say that after just 4 months with Johns help we have been able to have the majority of the negative posts removed and we have been able to turn what was a major negative into a positive, we are extremely happy with the results John Mu and his team have been able to achieve.”

– Steve Gillespie