Website Maintenance

What If I Need Changes After The Maintenance Period?

Most clients understand the importance of maintaining a fit and healthy website.

To do this, you must spend the time to make sure all the WordPress plugins and WordPress versions are up to date.

Failure to do this, enables hackers to get in and ruin your website and business.

This is why we have provided you the video links above.

Some clients watch these videos and update the websites themselves.

However, most clients prefer not to touch the “techie stuff” and contract IMD to take care of it for them.

This enables them to work on their business compared to working in their business.

If this is you, then our Done For You Website Maintenance Packages is what you are looking for.

Done For You Maintenance Package
Standard Price: $399+GST per month (paid monthly)
IMD Website Clients Price: $349+GST per month paid monthly
We Will
Check and update all WP plugins (on last day of each month)
Backup your website on our secure external server
Restore your website from our latest backup files
Please note: all websites are hackable, so if your website gets hacked ‘no problems’ we will be able to restore your website within 24 hours to good order (from being notified and excluding weekends & public holidays)
Give you 1 hour per month website updates (our hourly rate is $150+GST)
We will help you update content/copy, images, videos or add a new blog, etc.
Please note this is designed to help you make small updates to your website only. If you need more advanced work done to your website, obviously we will need to quote you separately. This 1 hour per month is not transferable to another website or to the following month.
Send you a report on the tasks we did at the end of the month
To cancel, all you need to do is provide us 30 days’ notice via email in advance.
Don’t wait until your website gets hacked…

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