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All Websites Are Hackable…
And So Is Yours!
Offering High Speed Hosting,
Security & Full Website Maintenance
For the same reason you lock the door on your home, you always need to secure your website. Why? As all websites are hackable and it’s becoming more common today than ever before.
A hacked website interupts your business activities and causes a lot of drama, chaos and cost for your business.

For a small monthly fee, let IMD take care of your website updates & security and stay protected.

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IMD’s Website Maintenanece & Security Package
WP Theme & Plugin Updates
Outdated Wordress themes and plugins are an invitation to hackers. We will update the themes & plugins every month and fix any plugin conflicts at no extra costs to you. By doing these updates, your website stays healthy & secure.
SSL Certificate
To give your website an extra layer of security, we will give your domain a free SSL Certificate. A secure website with an SSL certificate also helps your website get better Google search engine rankings.
Website Hosting
Yes, this is not a typo. Our website maintenance & security package comes with free website hosting.
Website Backup
Our team will back up your website every month and store your website files in our secure storage solution. If your website gets hacked, we will simply recover your website from our lastest backup file.
Website Recovery
Since all websites are hackable, our team will simply recover your website from our latest backup of your website at no cost to you.
No Contracts
There are no contracts with this service. To cancel, simply notify our team 30 days in advance via email with your intent to cancel the service.
Everything You Need Without The Price Tag
Let Us Manage & Secure Your Website For Less
Our pricing model is designed to be affordable so you don’t have to pass all the website techie tasks to your receptionist, who’s time is better spent on serving your paying customers.
Website Maintenance & Security Faq’s
How often should updates be performed for the website's core software (e.g., CMS, plugins, themes)? Are these updates automated or done manually?
We recommend performing updates for the website’s core software atleast once a month. These updates are done through our team, and we closely monitor them to ensure compatibility and security.
Do you perform regular backups of the website's data and files? How often are backups taken, and where are they stored?
We perform monthly backups of the website’s data and files. The backups are stored securely on an offsite server to ensure data recovery in case of any unforeseen events.
Are there any security measures in place to protect against common website vulnerabilities and brute force attacks?
Yes, we implement several security measures to protect against common website vulnerabilities. We use a Web Application Firewall (WAF) to block malicious traffic.
How do you monitor the website for potential security breaches or suspicious activity? Do you use any security plugins or services?
We use a combination of automated tools and manual monitoring to detect potential security breaches or suspicious activity. We also have real-time alerts set up to notify us of any anomalies.
What steps are taken to secure user data, especially if the website collects personal information or handles sensitive data?
User data security is a top priority for us. We employ encryption protocols (SSL) to secure data transmission and store sensitive information in a separate, encrypted database with restricted access.
How do you handle security updates and patches for server software and hosting environment?
We actively monitor server software and hosting environment for updates. Security patches are applied promptly to ensure the server remains protected against known vulnerabilities.
Are there any security measures to prevent Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks or other forms of cyber-attacks?
We utilize a DDoS protection service that mitigates and blocks DDoS attacks, ensuring the website remains accessible during such incidents.
How do you handle the removal of outdated or unused plugins and themes to minimize security risks?
As part of our regular maintenance, we conduct audits to identify and remove outdated or unused plugins and themes, reducing potential security risks.
Is there any form of continuous security testing or vulnerability scanning performed on the website?
We conduct regular security testing and vulnerability scanning on the website to identify and address potential weaknesses proactively.
How do you handle website performance optimization to ensure it runs efficiently and loads quickly?
Website performance optimization is a crucial aspect of our maintenance routine. We implement caching, image compression, and code optimization to ensure the website runs efficiently and loads quickly for users.