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This type of logo design is regarded as the simplest design. The image is usually abstract in nature with high visual interest. This type of logo usually contains 1 or two solid colours only and is regarded as a logo that’s easier to remember. This type of logo is most commonly used by larger organisations with the financial capability to mass market.


These types of logos are commonly referred to as ‘styled texted logos’ to spell the brand or name of the company. When designing this type of logos, unique fonts are created for the brands to emphasize uniqueness.


These types of logos are purely typographic. Companies with long names have a tendency to use this type of logo as initials are commonly used.


This is a combination of both word mark and a symbol. Personally, if you are a smaller business, it’s best to use this type of logo design. Once your company has built a strong financial foundation, you can consider switching your combination type logo to symbol only.

LOGO Design Faq’s

What is your logo design process?
  1. We request you to provide some logo designs you love
  2. Select the style and font
  3. Create a draft design for your review and approval
  4. Sign off the job once you’re 100% satisfied!
How long does it take to create a logo design?

This all depends on the logo design you are looking for.

To speed up the process, we ask clients to provide us logo samples they like.

A great place to find logo samples is to visit www.images.google.com.

How much does it cost?

All logo designs are charged at a FIXED PRICE of AU$399+GST.

This includes 2d or 3d logo designs.

All logo designs come with unlimited revisions.

Do you offer a Guarantee?

Yes! When you order your graphics designs from Internet Marketing Direct, you purchase is backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

This simply means that we will give you unlimited revisions at ‘no extra’ cost until you are 100% satisfied.

What file formats are the logo designs saved in?

Our logo designs are created using the Adobe Photoshop.

Once the designs are approved by you, we will send you the files as JPG, PNG and PDF.

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