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Best Web Design Tips
Your website is one of the first points of contact a prospect connects with your business. Therefore, it’s crucial that your website designs are strategically designed to fit what your audience are looking for and at the same time deliver the results you want.

Below are powerful tips you need to consider when web designing your website.

Web designs not only leverage on business successes and achievements but also maximise your website’s full potential. If your business has won any special awards, has been featured on TV, magazines, press releases and has obtained special licenses or certifications, you must be prepared to tell your visitors about it by incorporating this into your web design.
This pertains to the visitors to your website and the potential customers searching for your goods and services. Therefore, it makes sense to always collect a database of your visitors.

The best way to collect a database is to offer your visitors something of value. In saying this, visitors can register to your opt in list, buy a product, subscribe to a service, come to a special event (say a teleseminar) or do whatever you need them to do. The offer has to not only engage the reader’s attention; it has to prompt the reader to action. I am surprised that most of the websites that I’ve come across do not offer anything of value to their visitors and people just click away and move on. Make sure that you give your visitors an offer that grabs their undivided attention. I strongly suggest that you don’t just follow the crowd and say… ‘Get your free quote now’. However, let me tell you that having even this is better than not having any offer at all!

Make sure your offer is compelling enough for visitors to take the desired action or give you their personal details if it’s only an opt-in list that you are after. In the case of an opt-in list, an example of an effective offer may be:
‘Enter your email below and receive…’

  • A free report “Great Title” (make sure the information in your report is of real value to the reader)
  • $1 trial (depending on your products or services this might be an option for you)
  • A free sample

The above are just a few examples. There are many more ‘offer’ options that you may be able to create depending on your product or service and your niche.

Remember that the offer you make will, in most cases, cost you money which will have to come from your profits (or budget). You must, therefore, establish how much a client is worth to you based on average transaction value and how long a client stays with you, on average, before designing your offer. For start-up businesses, determining this figure is a ‘test and measure’ process, but this is information that you must generate anyway as you go along. Make sure you are consistently test your offers for best results.

For those of you that want high conversions from your website, make sure your website design includes emotional response marketing. Emotional response marketing is all about identifying your visitors pain and frustration and showing how your product or service can provide the visitor the solution they have been looking for.
The content of your web pages is one of the most important factors in determining whether your website sells effectively or not and it is the headline portion of the content that a visitor notices first. Moreover, when people surf the internet they don’t have the time to read every word like they would do if they were reading from a printed page. In fact, they tend to only scan pages looking for headlines or trying to pick out words that are of interest to them. Hence, make sure that your website has a strong attention grabbing headline. You must try to capture their immediate attention so that they remain on your website and read your content. Headlines are also important for SEO purposes.
Tip #1: The header of your website page is what the visitor will notice first. Hence, keep it simple; keep it aesthetically attractive and appealing and have it reflect your business, product or service.

Tip #2: Increase the emotional impact of the header and headlines on your audience.

Tip #3: Include your logo in your header. Make the size of your logo proportionate to the size of your header.

Tip #4: It’s best to have your header designed professionally so that it reflects your business’s product or service. For example, if you are marketing water sports equipment, it will be wise to make the header artistically creative as compared to a header for a business offering an accounting service.

Tip #5: Make sure your header has a message to market. This message should be short and direct. Just imagine you were in an elevator with a prospective client and you had 30 seconds to tell them what you do. Make sure your message to market identifies the targeted audience and the benefit. For example, my business is all about helping businesses with their online strategies. Therefore, my message to market is… “We Help Businesses get More Traffic, More Leads and More Sales” or “I Help Businesses get Page#1 Google Rankings or Get Your Money Back”. The general rule is that a nice header, with a captivating headline, works best.

Web designs that fail to implement some form of social proof is leaving money on the table. Today, the internet is full of scammers and criminals who sell junk and many people have become frightened and skeptical. To eliminate your potential clients fear, you need to show them it’s safe to purchase your goods and services by showing them social proof of other people enjoying your goods or services. Social proof can be in the form of written testimonials or video testimonials.

Video testimonials are the most effective, as you can tell if a personal is lying or not by looking into their eyes. If your website design does not contain video testimonials, immediately do something about it.

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Make sure your website is easy for your target audience to navigate. This means they can easily find what they are looking for.

Have you ever been to an ecommerce store, selected an item to purchase and then running around on the site trying to figure out how to place the order and make the payment? Well, I have and it’s extremely frustrating to say the least.

For those of you who have an ecommerce site, make sure you have easy to-use system through which the visitor, can conveniently select the products he/she wants to purchase and take them straight to make the payment. No amount of excellent layout, navigation and copy will suffice if you do not incorporate an efficient ordering and check out system.

Make the checkout process as simple and quick as possible. If the visitor has to register as part of the purchasing process, make sure it is simple and does not require visitors to leave the site. A very common mistake relating to registration, is that visitors are required to go to their email and confirm their registration. This is often a great turn-off and should be completely eliminated from the purchasing process.

You should also offer your visitors (potential customers) as many payment options as possible. This will increase your sales by helping to retain a big chunk of customers who would have bought your product but do not do so because they are unable to use their preferred mode of payment.

Every page of your website must have a purpose or objective. To achieve this objective the web page should also have a call to action mention several times throughout the page. Make sure you only have one type of call to action on the one page or your visitors will be confused. All call to actions should be clear and precise. Eg After a great website send us an email.

Don’t forget to include your full contact details on your website. If you have a physical business location, make sure to add this in your Contact Us page. I have found that business that have a physical store tend to have higher than normal conversion rates as buyers feels more trust in businesses with a physical store. However, for those of you that don’t have a physical store, but have a post office box, use the post office address as your physical address. Many drop shippers that sell other people’s hard products nationally even use the depot addresses as their physical addresses. Therefore, having multiple physical addresses (in many states) makes their business look bigger than they actually are.

I also suggest that you insert your contact telephone number in the header itself. The number should be easy to read and should stand out. Some people may have questions and providing your telephone number prominently will help them in their purchasing decision process and also increase trust.

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Show your visitors and prospects before and after shots to your prospects. But do not over do it as too much of a good thing can make it less effective. Below is an example web design for a Sydney client.
Your web pages should ideally be a pleasing combination of text and images. Note the word ‘pleasing’. It doesn’t take much in the way of gaudy colour combinations or overly flashy animation to turn off visitors.

Colour selection is a critical issue while developing your web site. Unless you are selling something that is intrinsically colourful like, say, Christmas decorations, try to limit the number and amount of colours you use on your website.

Research has shown that colours have an impact on people’s emotions and can influence their buying decisions. Hence, it’s important to understand and implement the right colours for your website. I am explaining below the emotions that human beings tend to subconsciously associate with specific colours, so that you can try and use colours on your website strategically.

Black: Black represents elegance, authority and power; though it is not necessarily the best colour to use extensively as people also associate it with evil and death.

Grey: Grey is associated with a great deal of authority. It’s great for websites of accountants, lawyers and so on, or as a secondary colour on ecommerce sites. It is not the best of colours for ‘fun’ type of web pages such as on a site selling, say, surfboards or children’s toys.

Pink: Pink is appropriate for websites which want to cater to a female clientele. Pink relates to femininity. It also reflects dignity and well being.

Red: A red sports car invariably turns heads very easily. Red grabs attention. It is the most emotionally intense colour; reflecting strength, excitement, speed and energy. In certain contexts, it often helps to have red on the above the fold section of your landing pages to attract attention
and create excitement.

Gold: The colour gold is usually associated with wealth and prestige, so it might be worthwhile to consider this colour in websites catering to wealth creation type of scenarios, such as property, trading and the like. I suggest
using gold around any product guarantees or warranties. However, it is not the most appropriate colour to use in ecommerce set ups, except in specific contexts, as it tends to create an impression that the product or service
on offer is expensive.

Purple: Purple represents dignity, royalty, luxury as well as wealth and authority.

Green: Green is regarded as the least emotionally intense colour. I don’t recommend using the colour green unless you are targeting specific niches like the gardening or holistic healing niche. However, green is regularly used on ‘call to action buttons’ and subconsciously we relate this colour as the
‘Go’ colour, just like our traffic lights.

Blue: This is one of my favorite colour for ecommerce websites. Blue represents trust; something that we must create to get the sale. Blue is a great colour to have on your website as it has been proven to have increased
conversion rates.

White: This is arguably the best background colour for any website. White creates a clean design and represents purity and a cleanness that people inherently love.

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Web Design & Development FAQ’s
What type of website do you build?
At IMD we can build just about anything you like.

This includes:

  • Content Sites or Information Sites
  • Ecommerce Sites / Online Shopping Sites
  • Membership Sites & Directories Sites
  • Landing Pages

All our websites are built on WordPress as our clients find it very easy to use.

Why is it important to contracting the right web design company?
When potential clients land on your website, they will make a judgement within the first 30 seconds. Therefore, we highly recommend you avoid the risk of tarnishing your business name or brand by asking friends, family or web design companies that lack experience in online marketing. Failure to do so, will waste time and money and chances are you will end up building websites that don’t work and be told… you need a new one. I’m sure some of you reading this message will relate to this frustrating experience.
Are all your web designs search engine (SEO) friendly?
When potential clients land on your website, they will make a judgement within the first 30 seconds. Therefore, we highly recommend you avoid the risk of tarnishing your business name or brand by asking friends, family or web design companies that lack experience in online marketing. Failure to do so, will waste time and money and chances are you will end up building websites that don’t work and be told… you need a new one. I’m sure some of you reading this message will relate to this frustrating experience.
Do you charge more for responsive web designs?
Today, every website should be built responsive to both mobile phones and smart devices like ‘tablets’. As logical as this may sound, it’s alarming how many websites we encounter everyday which are not responsive to these new aged devices. If your website is not built with these devices in mind, chances are you are losing business.
Website Tips Faq’s

All IMD Websites are built on the WordPress platform which has an inbuilt Content Management Systems (CMS). We have even taken one step further and provide all websites we build with ‘drag and drop’ builders so you simply click and drag things into place. This means you can easily create new pages, update text/content, add/remove images and much more.


At IMD we encourage clients website to integrate with social media.


IMD offers affordable web design options. The maintenance period for these sites depends on the website packages you choose.


Yes, we do this all the time and do not charge any additional fees.


Yes! In fact, you do not have to pay the final balance until you give us your final website approval!

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