“From Ordinary To Extraordinary”

Here are two parts to Search Engine Optimisations (SEO)

(A) SEO On-site optimisation

SEO Onsite Optimisation a technical process of tweaking elements on your website to make sure your website is attractive to search engine crawlers. If your website is not optimised properly, search engine crawlers will not know what your website is about and give your site a low quality score. If you have contracted SEO companies that don’t make changes to your website, chances are they do not know what they are doing and are only focusing on link building activities.

(B) Linking building

Link building used to be enough for SEO, but not anymore. However, linking a variety of authority sites to your website is critically important to strong SEO. At IMD all links are built manually with real people as we want your links to be as natural as possible. Most of you would receive spam SEO emails offering SEO services for just a few hundred dollars per month. Most of these (possibly all) use automated link building tools to generate links. Google frawns on this activity and we highly recommend you avoid this activity at all costs.