“From Ordinary To Extraordinary”

Nowadays, people simply turn on their computers, laptops or even mobile phones and connect to the Internet for the information that they need. Gone were the days wherein people need to open the pages of newspapers, encyclopedias and magazines, turn on the television or radio to find the information that they need. With the advent of technological advancements, it is now easier for humans to gather the information that they need.

With this, entrepreneurs and marketing strategists began to devise ways on how to let their products or company names to be the top of mind of the billions of consumers out there, or in this instance, the top of mind of search engines. Thus search engine optimisation was born.

Search engine optimisation is a way for a website’s visibility to increase or get higher ranks. For example, when an individual keys-in a query about a certain subject, the higher ranked website or websites that are usually visited by individuals who typed in the same keyword would pop up on top of the search results lists.

There are many ways for individuals to increase a website’s popularity especially in Australia. Search engine optimisation in Australia is one of them. Also called SEO, it considers how different search engines, such as Yahoo! and Google, work, what individuals usually type in the search bar and what search engine is usually used by demography in Australia.

The phrase search engine optimisation was coined way back in 1997 by Multimedia Marketing Group which was owned by John Audette. But webmasters began optimizing sites for early search engines in the mid1990′s. This was the time wherein the latter began to catalog websites.

Website owners saw that search engine optimisation was a tool that they could use to popularize their websites and products.

Unfortunately, content providers were able to control and find ways to manipulate attributes within the HTML source page thus creating a “cheat” to rank their websites high in search engines. There were also other individuals who used meta tags that were totally irrelevant to their website. This caused a huge problem because it gave inaccurate information causing false searches.

Back in 2005 AIRWeb or Adverserial Information Retrieval on the Web was formed by different individuals that were behind search engine optimisation. This group tried to make a difference and hoped to change the false practices of their other colleagues.

So how does an individual or a group use search engine optimisation as a marketing strategy?

Not all websites are attuned to search engine optimisation. It highly depends on how the website operates and its webmasters goals.

Search engine optimisation may yield in high return of investment or ROI. There are a lot of websites out there that offer SEO services to their clientele. But this doesn’t always mean that when you hire an SEO company, your website will have an automatic increase in site visitors. This is due to the fact that search engines alter their algorithms a number of times in a year. In 2010 alone, Google made 500 algorithm changes.

The leading search engine, and one of the most sought after by search engine optimizers, is Google. The company is the leading search engine in the vast majority of the markets. Thus, when an SEO’s website is ranked high in Google, this means that they did a great job in optimizing it.

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