Attention Business Owners: I dare you to  challenge me to give your business AU$20,000.00 in crypto currency!

Over a week ago, I asked business owners to PAY ME FIRST before I helped them out.
Then I realised, I went about it the wrong way (hey, I’m human).

So, I’ve decided to take all the risks and offer you the following…


In other words, I am offering you to PAY ME AFTER I have successfully helped you out!

If you think this is fair and it resonates with you, then CLICK THE BUTTON provided and lets get things moving whilst this promotion is still available.

I have spent over 2.5 years
& countless hours To discover

this crypto company & will offer you this exclusive information on a silver platter…

frequently asked questions

Why Are You Only Asking For $495.00?
The $495.00 simply covers my time to help you secure your free AU$20,000 worth of free crypto currencies.
You don’t need to pay me until I have successfully delivered you the free crypto currencies.

What If You Do Not Deliver the free crypto currencies?
You would have lost nothing.

This Sounds Almost Too Good To Be True, Is It A Scam?
Definately not. The crypto currency company has asked me to help them grow their busines merchant base and are offering the free crypto currencies as an incentive.

Is this crypto currency on any reputable exchanges?
Yes, it’s listed on two reputable medium sized crypto exchanges and it’s expecting to be listed on the world’s largest crypto exchange within the next 6 to 12 months.

How much is each coin being bought and sold for in the current market?
The 24 hour trade volume of this crypto currency is in the millions.
It’s currently bought and sold for approximately US$1,700 or AU$2,500 per coin.

How much does it cost to sign up as a merchant and is there any ongoing fees to be a merchant?
It’s totally free of charge.

How many coins is the crypto currency company willing to give us if we sign up as a merchant?
Right now, 8 coins per merchant.

Is the coin similar to a stable coin?
Yes. It does not fluctuate in price like other crypto currencies as the price is pegged to the highest price of gold.

If I like this crypto currency, can I buy some directly from the company?
Yes, you can and that’s between you and the crypto currency company.
My goal is to help you get your AU$20,000 worth of free crypto currencies.

How can I spend the coins?
Simply contact any merchant accepting this crypto as a form of payment for their goods and services and simply transfer the coins to them as a form of payment.
Merchants that are on board and accepting this crypto currency include: business consultants, website designers & developers, graphics artists, copy writers, realestate agents, property builders and developers, multi-media companies, electricians, personal trainers, yoga instructors, acupuncture, landscaping, a host of retailers from fashion, jewellery to chocolates and much more.

Can I cash out my free crypto currencies?
The AU$20,000 worth of crypto currencies are free from the company when you sign up as a merchant.
You can cash them out once the crypto currency is listed on one of the larger exchanges.

Business owner requirements

to receive the AU$20,000 Worth of free coins
  • You have a registered business (It could be in any country).
  • You are willing to spend some of the coins with other merchants (eg buy stock, landscaping etc).
  • Your are willing to accept the coin for good and services in your business as form of payment.
  • You have a PC or laptop to download your digital wallet. Unfortunately, the digital wallet is not compatible with Apple PC’s or Apple laptops at this stage.
  • You must have a business website and place a small graphic saying you accept this specific crypto as a form of payment.
  • Do a social media post saying your business accepts this specific crypto currency
  • You will treat other merchants fairly and respectfully.

If you agree to these conditions above, then I invite you to ‘Challenge Me’
to help you secure AU$20,000 worth of free crypto currency for your business.

Have you helped other
busineses owners secure their free crypto currencies?
Nothing beats solid proof from happy clients.
Glenn Michaelides – Business Owner

Harvey Lynch – Business Coach

Terry Oorschot – Builder

here’s how it works

Click the red booking button – you will then be taken to a booking page to book in a call with John Mu.

The call – During the call, John Mu will answer any questions you may have and then provide you specific information on what you need to do.