“Without SEO Is Your Business Going To Survive In 2014″

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As business owners, we all know a constant stream of cashflow is what we need to survive, and to achieve this we need leads to convert into paying customers.  If you do not drive targeted traffic to your business, you will not make sales and your business is not going to last very long!

In a traditional bricks and mortar business, your business rely on passing traffic and people walking into your store. However, due to our thirst of information and high tech gadgets, consumer buying patterns have evolved. Today, consumers want instant gratification, meaning if they want a product or services, they want it now. All they have to do is do a quick Google search, click on a few buttons on their smartphones, Ipads or PC and within minutes the transaction can be complete, ready for delivery direct to the consumers door step.

Unfortunately, most business owners are finding it very tough as they have not taken their business online. They are the ones giving excuses for not doing well, whilst online sales generate record sales year after year. 

FACT 1: It is recorded that Australian online sales hit a new record last year of $13 billion dollars and we are in the middle of a financial crisis. 

FACT 2: If you have no traffic to your website your site will not make any sales. 

FACT 3: The best product or service in the world is nothing if no one knows about it

FACT 4: You won’t make a cent without targeted traffic!


What is the best way to drive targeted traffic to your website?

Well, if you have been searching for new ways to increase the traffic to your website, you will notice that the most economically viable option to getting Traffic to your website is via Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

In fact, search engine traffic make up approximately 85% of all web traffic. The rest are made up of ads, links from other sites, social media and so on.  This makes SEO the best Traffic source available.

Search engine optimisation is the process of improving the volume or quality of website traffic from ‘natural’ or ‘organic’ searches by tweaking various elements of your website, and implementing activities to improve the visibility of your website in search engines.

Like us, some of you would have tried and experimented with FREE and Paid SEO tools promising you instant Page One Google rankings and then found that getting good rankings is not as easy as you originally thought.  We Don’t Blame You… we have been there and do not wish you to go through the lessons we had to endure to achieve what we know today.

You shouldn’t have to…

You should be able to say to you Internet Marketing company or SEO company to just get the work done so you can concentrate on your business.


We Are Here To Help You

Here’s a few Screenshots of REAL Customers

Making An Absolute Fortune.. And You Can Too!

Proof #1 “Can your business handle 30,000 visits per month?”

SEO Social Proof



Proof #2 “What about 10,000+ extra visitors to your business website per month… would this change your business?


Why These Two Examples?

Two Reasons… They both are Making a Killing AND they both have Terrible Bounce Rates (We did not build their websites)

FACT: Even with a Terrible website with HIGH Bounce Rate, you can still make a Killing if you have the RIGHT targeted traffic to your website.

FACT: We build websites that are SEO Friendly, Mobile Friendly and will give you the conversions you are searching for. For more information on our designs click on the keyword “Web Design

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